Arcis Saxophone Quartet & Ferhan and Ferzan Önder

Dances of Russia

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Dances of Russia

Sergei Rachmaninov: From "Symphonic Dances" op. 45: 1. Non allegro (arr. Miha Ferk)
Sergei Prokofiev: Suite from ballet "Romeo and Julia" (arr. Miha Ferk)
Aleksey Igudesman: Work for saxophone quartet and piano duo

Setting: Quartet plus piano at four hands

What can be expected, if a Turkish piano duo meets a German saxophone quartet bringing Russian dances with them? It’s going to be a performance with romantic melodies, Russian-expressive harmony and dramatic depth, which shows that classical-Russian dance music is a universal subject which inspires musicians and the audience worldwide.

The opulent sonority and energetic-rhythmical complexity à la Sacre du printemps in Rachmaninov’s Symphonic Dances has its counterpart in the ballet suite Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev. No surprise, the premieres took place almost simultaneously in the 20th century. Aleksey Igudesman – himself born in St. Petersburg - joins the ranks in this tradition with his work specially composed for this ensemble, this takes the audience on a journey through the whole of Russia showing the full range of Russian-folkloristic dance music.

In the intimacy and subtlety of chamber music up to the illusion of the richness of tone of a late romantic orchestra, the six musicians  merge the sound of the saxophones with the rich sound of a piano duo and bringing the nostalgia of “Old Russia” into the concert hall, which inspired the composer in the turn to Modern Age.

The saxophone with its special colour is part of the original orchestration in both of the first works of the evening. A symbol of freedom, which the composers of the former Soviet Union yearned for: The saxophone was the proscribed instrument of the liberal western world.


Arcis Saxophone Quartet

These four young musicians from Munich, possessed of a charismatic and authentic stage presence, set audiences aflame with their spark-throwing enthusiasm and burning passion for this rare form of chamber music. In their highly professional, exact interpretations, they explore the relationship between individual expressivity and the interwoven quality that makes chamber music what it is. And n doing so, they captivate listeners with their joy of playing and expressive depth.

Founded in 2009, the group has won several prizes at international competitions. They have been studying chamber music with the Artemis Quartet and has been a member of the European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA, Prof. Hatto Beyerle, Prof. Johannes Meissl).

They take the world’s stages by storm: After their international debut in the Great Hall of Tchaikovsky Conservatory Moscow and the concert in Wigmore Hall, the invitation to play in Berlin Philharmonie in 2017 marks a new milestone in their career.


Ferhan & Ferzan Önder, Piano (in collaboration with Käch Artists & Promotion)

The Turkish twin sisters Ferhan & Ferzan Önder are one of the leading piano duos worldwide. They have played at major festivals inlcuding the Salzburg Festival, the Lucerne Festival, the festivals in Gstaad, Schleswig-Holstein and many more. They have performed in the major houses including Musikverein Vienna, Konzerthaus Vienna, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Wigmore Hall London, Mariinsky St. Petersburg. 

One of their EMI recordings won them an ECHO. They also have recordings with SONY. Recently they have premiered Fazil Say's Gezi Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra which the composer has dedicated to Ferhan and Ferzan.


  • Arcis Saxophone Quartet in Munich

    In the slow second movement of Dvorak's "American" quartet, the saxophone vocals of the four enchanted. This was also successful with Samuel Barber's Adagio for strings. The two suites from Leonard Bernstein's "West Side Story" and George Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess" showed all the qualities of this brilliant quartet: Vitality, interplay of chamber music, contagious playfulness and a virtuoso and tonal elegance of interplaying that turns four individual players into a first-class formation. Huge applause!

    Süddeutsche Zeitung, Harald Eggebrecht, 18.03.2018

    Süddeutsche Zeitung, Harald Eggebrecht, 18.03.2018

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    The fact that the four musicians of the Arcis Saxophon Quartet master their instruments is understandable. But it is more powerful that they use these skills innovatively.(…) Clarity in the arrangement and tonal perfection with immaculate approach are the means of the Arcis Quartet on their new album. Bach's melodic stringency and the compellingly flowing variation fill the four saxophones with almost casual elegance, without losing even a second of tension.(…) In the Arcis interpretation of Gershwin's "Porgy And Bess" suite, the dizzying technical brilliance prevails. A ballet on the musical high rope, grounded by the baritone parts of Jure Knez.

    Spiegel Online, Werner Theurich, 23.04.2017