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Eggner Trio Chamber Music General Management

Georg Eggner (violin)
Florian Eggner (violoncello)
Christoph Eggner (piano)

The Eggner Trio is one of today’s most distinguished piano trios. Founded in 1997 by three brothers Georg (violin), Florian (cello) and Christoph Eggner (piano), the trio appears regularly at renowned concert halls such as Wigmore Hall London and Concertgebouw Amsterdam. The trio has given concerts throughout Europe and has appeared at festivals as Schubertiade Schwarzenberg, Lockenhaus, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Heidelberger Frühling, Kissinger Sommer, Vendsyssel and Huntington Estate Music Festival. Tours have taken the ensemble to Japan, USA, South America and several times to Australia and New Zealand.

After winning the Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition 2003, the Eggner Trio has captivated the musical world. In 2006 they participated in the series Rising Stars in major concert halls such as Carnegie Hall, Cité de la musique Paris, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, Kölner Philharmonie, Mozarteum Salzburg and Musikverein Vienna.

The Eggner Trio regularly performs with partners such as Matthias Schorn, Amihai Grosz, Lise Berthaud, among others.

Apart from their chamber music activities the trio has performed a number of times the Triple Concertos by Beethoven and Bohuslav Martinu, amongst others with the Orchestra Filarmonica dell’Umbria, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and the Tonkünstler-Orchester Niederösterreich.

Live Classics has released two CDs by the Eggner Trio: Beethoven's Trio in B flat major op. 97 "Ghost Trio " with the Trio in B flat major op. 97 " Archduke" (Best Recording 2008 - Klassiek Centraal), and Mendelssohn's Piano Trios. Gramola Vienna released an album with the two Shostakovich Trios, trios by Brahms and Clara Schumann, the album Kaleidoskop with music by contemporary Austrian composers as well as work by Werner Pirchner.

The Eggner Trio counts as its major influences Günter Pichler (Alban Berg Quartet), Juri Smirnov (Brahms Trio Vienna) and the Altenberg Trio. In addition the trio has worked in master classes with Menahem Pressler (Beaux Arts Trio), Norbert Brainin and Sigmund Nissel (Amadeus Quartet), Thomas Kakuska (Alban Berg Quartett), Laszlo Meszö (Bartok Quartet) and with Steven Isserlis.

Georg Eggner plays a violin by Joseph Gagliano (1779) and Florian Eggner a violoncello by Carl Richter (1907).

Season 2019/20

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Eggner Trio in Wigmore Hall

On 15 December the Eggner Trio returns to the Wigmore Hall London to perform trios by Schumann and Ravel.

Eggner Trio returns to Musikverein Graz

The Eggner Trio performs at Musikverein Graz on 30 January Schubert's Trio B flat major op. 99 and Trio E flat major op. 100 (original version) within the trio's 20th anniversary.

Eggner Trio in Wigmore Hall London

The Eggner Trio returns to the Wigmore Hall on 12 October for a further concert of its Haydn-Dvorák cycle performing the Haydn trios in E minor and G major as well as Dvorák's 'Dumky' Trio.

Eggner Trio in London and Nottingham

The Eggner Trio rerturns to Nottingham and Wigmore Hall for two concerts on 30 and 31 March performing two trios by Haydn: No. 24 in D and No. 21 in C as well as the Dvorak Trio in F minor op. 65.

    Eggner Trio in London Wigmore Hall

    The Eggner Trio returns to a concert at Wigmore Hall on 5 June for their Haydn/Dvorak cycle with two trios by Haydn, in C, XV:27 and E, XV:28 and Dvorak Trio g minor op. 26.

    Eggner Trio on tour in Australia

    The Eggner Trio will be again on tour in Australia. Highlights will be each two concerts in Sydney on 9 and 14 November and in Melbourne on 10 and 21 November as well as concerts in Perth and Adelaide. The programme includes trios by Dvorak, Brahms, Haydn, Werner Pirchner and Dulcie Holland.

    Eggner Trio gives debut in Innsbruck

    The Eggner Trio gives its debut in Innsbruck on 14 April with Mendelssohn Trio d minor op. 49, Werner Pirchner Trio Heimat? and Jean Sibelius Trio D major “Korpo-Trio”.

    Eggner Trio returns to the Wigmore Hall London

    The Eggner Trio returns to the Wigmore Hall London on 8 February with three piano trios by Mozart (K. 502, K.564, K.564) and Johann Nepomuk Hummel’s trio in G op. 65. 

    Eggner Trio in Rotterdam

    The Eggner Trio guests at Rotterdam, De Doelen on 11 November with Mozart’s Divertimento B flat major K. 354, Anton Arensky’s trio No. 2 op. 73 and Schubert’s Trio B flat major op. 99. The concert will be live broadcasted on radio 4 in the Nederlandse Publieke Omroep.

    Eggner Trio with Amihai Grosz in New Zealand

    Together with Amihai Grosz, principle viola of Berlin Philharmonic and one of the founding members of the Jerusalem String Quartet, the Austrian Piano Trio will

    perform ten concerts from 14 to 25 September, among others in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.The tour programme includes piano quartets by Mozart (K.478 and K.493), Schumann (op. 47) and Dvorák (op. 87) as well as piano trio by Beethoven (op. 70/1 "Ghost") and Schumann (op. 110). Details

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    • Eggner Trio at Wigmore Hall London

      Dvorak’s B flat Trio op. 21 was a performance of constant strength and purpose, beautiful certainly, but also forceful, commanding attention. The outer movements and the scherzo were filled with vigour, the Adagio had both simple reverie and intensity.

      The Strad, Tim Homfray, 12/2015



    • Passionate music-making in Innsbruck

      In the introducing Trio d minor op. 49 by Mendelssohn the artistic qualities of the Eggner already arose: passionate music-making in admirably precise tuning, with glowing intensity and a fine sense of sound.

      Kronenzeitung Innsbruck, Franz Gratl, 16.04.2015

    • Eggner Trio with Amihai Grosz in New Zealand

      The highlight of the evening was the Beethoven´s Piano Trio No 1 in D, op. 70, played with a huge vigour and a sense of fun combined with aggressive dynamic changes. The allegro vivace con brio and largo benefited from the performers´ brilliant attack and precision. The presto was a triumph of runaway devilry.

      Marian Poole, Otago Daily Times, 25.09.2014

      Dvořák´s Piano Quartet No. 2 in E flat, op. 87 with Amihai Grosz was full of folk rhythms and surging, modulating tunes, beautifully interwoven and expressive. Remarkable were the perfectly co-ordinated barely audible pizzicatos at the end of the melodic Lento. The energy and imagination of the musicians will never be forgotten.

      Margot Hannigan, Nelson Mail, 23.09.2014

    • Enchanter of sonority

      Their play (Haydn Trio in C Hob. XV: 21) - as the finale shows - is brimming over with virtousic playfulness and attention to detail. Perfect how their phrases match to those by Christoph Eggner on the piano, this proves an ensemble quality that is hard to achieve.

      Münchner Merkur, Manfred Stanka, 19.03.2014

    • Breathtaking accurency

      The three Eggner brothers give the music transparency, make musical expression literally visual and change masterly and without efforts from fortissimo to pianissimo, from adagio to an excessive presto. A chamber music evening that will be remembered by the audience.

      Passauer Neue Presse, Peter Klewitz, 03.12.2013

    • Concert in Nottingham with Beethoven, Debussy and Arensky  

      They match their playing in every last detail. Not, however, in a mechanical way, but with the joyful confidence that comes of deep familiarity with each other. It will surprise nobody who's seen them if they achieve the same renown as the Guarneri and Beaux Arts Trios.

      Nottingham Evening Post, 11/2008

    • Precise and transparent: CD Brahms/C. Schumann

      Romantical-emotional the Brahms Trio C major can be heard very often. The three Eggner Trio instead simply dispense precision. Their instruments, among them a fine Bösendorfer piano set themselves apart from each other and make the structure of the piece hearable without any lack of passion.

      KulturSPIEGEL, Johannes Saltzwedel, 4/2013

    • CD Brahms Trio op. 87 and Clara Schumann Trio

      The new CD shows the top form of the three brothers: a piano trio in perfection evolves in Johannes Brahms' mature op. 78 in C Major from 1880, which obviously concentrates a lot of the harmonic and melodic ideas of Brahms' great orchestral works just like in a burning lens. The Eggners understand how to add a great amount of Viennese charm to the rough and unwieldy Northern German wind. The Trio op. 17 by Clara Schumann in contrary sounds considerably withdrawn. Melodic power does not need ostensible virtuosity, instead fine balanced structure. The Eggners work out all that precisely. Warm sound and swinging tension: The performers enjoy the refined Clara as well as the grim Brahms. The contrasts wonderfully complement each other.

      Spiegel online, Werner Theurich, 23.03.2013

    • Recording with Beethoven trios: spawning new musical insights and contrasting emotions

      The explosive start to op. 70 no. 1 sets the tone for the Eggner's intense, dramatic and strikingly detailed reading, combining first-class individual contributions with impeccable ensemble und unanimity of interpretative approach. The clarity of pianist Christoph's articulation is especially remarkable, as are also the colourful lyricism, warm tone and persuasive phrasing of this brothers' playing. All three combine to achieve that aura of timelessness that characterises the expressive central movement. The trio's playing is unfailingly perceptive throughout, spawning new musical insights and a wide range of contrasting emotions.

      The Strad, 09/2008

    • CD - Shostakovich Piano Trios / Ivan Eröd Piano Trio (Gramola Records)

      Brilliantly the three brothers are performing in particular the Piano Trio op. 67 by Shostakovich. They emphasize on the control of the intrinsic emotional energies. They don't get rushed by the eruptions or the lyrical-dolorous string passages - which even amplifies the effect of the work, because all nuances are being made transparent. Iván Eröd's Piano Trio op. 21 released on CD for the first time, fits strikingly to the sound language of the Russian composer. And here as well, the young brothers interpret the work impressively aptly. A truly outstanding recording. Bravo!

      Ensemble, 03/2009


    Programmes 2020/211)
    Beethoven: Trio op. 1 No. 3 C minor
    Smetana: Trio op. 15 G minor
    Schumann: Trio Nr. 1 op. 63 D minor

    Beethoven: Trio op. 70 No. 1 D major "Ghost"
    Shostakovich: Trio op. 8 C major
    Mendelssohn: Trio op. 66 C minor
    Programmes 2021/22:1)
    Shostakovich: Trio op. 8 C minor
    Saint-Saëns (100th death-day 2021): Trio op. 18 No. 1
    F major
    Liszt: Duo (Sonata) S127/R461 for violin and piano
    Liszt: „Angelus!“ S 163 for violoncello and piano
    Liszt: Rhapsodie hongroise Nr. 9 - „Carnaval de Pest“ for piano trio 

    Mozart: Trio KV 548 C major
    Mendelssohn: Trio op. 49 D minor
    Schubert: Trio B flat major op. 99/D898
    With orchestraLudwig van Beethoven (1770-1827): Triple concerto in C major, op. 56
    Bohuslav Martinů (1890-1959): Concertino for piano trio and string orchestra
    Quartet with Lise Berthaud, violaHaydn Trio in G major, Hob. XV:25 "Gypsy"
    Mozart: Piano Quartet No. 2 in E flat major KV 493
    Dvořák: Piano Quartet No. 2 in E flat major op. 87
    Quartet and Quintet programmes Mozart: Piano Quartet No. 1 in G minor KV 478
    Mozart: Piano Quartet No. 2 in E flat major KV 493
    Dvořák: Piano Quartet No. 2 in E flat major op. 87
    Schumann: Piano Quartet in E flat major op. 47 with Lise Berthaud, viola or Amihai Grosz, viola
    Messiaen: Quatuor pour la fin du temps
    Hindemith: Quartet
    Franz Schmidt:Quintet
    with Matthias Schorn, clarinet and Herbert Kefer, viola

    Detailed programmes upon request


    Werner Pirchner Music by Werner Pirchner
    Gramola (2016)
    Piano Trios Clara Schumann/Brahms Gramola (2013)
    Kaleidoskop Berauer / Peres / Wunder Gramola (2010)
    Mendelssohn Piano Trios Live Classics (2008)
    Shostakovich/Eröd Gramola (2008)
    Beethoven: Trios "Ghost"/"Archduke" Live Classics (2008)


    Arensky, Anton Trio Nr. 1 d-Moll, op. 32
    Trio Nr. 2 d-Moll, op. 73
    Batik, Roland 4 Intermezzi für Klaviertrio
    Beethoven, Ludwig van Kakadu Variationen, op. 121a
    Trio Nr. 1 Es-Dur, op. 1
    Trio Nr. 2 G-Dur, op. 1
    Trio Nr. 3 c-Moll, op. 1
    Trio Nr. 4 B-Dur, op. 11 "Gassenhauer"
    Trio Nr. 1 D-Dur, op. 70 "Geistertrio"
    Trio Nr. 2 Es-Dur, op. 70
    Trio B-Dur, op. 97 "Erzherzog"
    Tripelkonzert C-Dur, op. 56

    Berauer, Johannes Klavier Trio Nr. 1 (2006/2007)
    Brahms, Johannes Klavierquintett f-Moll, op. 34
    Trio Nr. 1 H-Dur, op. 8 (1889)
    Trio Nr. 2 C-Dur, op. 87
    Trio Nr. 3 c-Moll, op. 101
    Chopin, Frédéric Trio g-Moll, op. 8
    Debussy, Claude Trio G-Dur
    Dvořák, Antonín Klavierquartett Nr. 2 Es-Dur, op. 87
    Trio Nr. 1 B-Dur, op. 21
    Trio Nr. 2 g-Moll, op. 26
    Trio Nr. 3 f-Moll, op. 65
    Trio Nr. 4 e-Moll, op. 90 "Dumky"
    Edwards, Ross Klaviertrio (1998)
    Eröd, Iván Trio, op. 21 (1976)
    Etlinger, Andreas Trio in e (1997)
    Fauré, Gabriel Trio D-Dur, op. 120
    Grieg, Edvard Trio c-Moll "Andante con moto"
    Gál, Hans Variationen über eine Alt-Wiener Heurigenmelodie, op. 9
    Haydn, Joseph Trio e-Moll, Hob. XV: 12
    Trio G Dur, Hob. XV: 15
    Trio B-Dur, Hob. XV: 20
    Trio C-Dur, Hob. XV: 21
    Trio D-Dur, Hob. XV: 24
    Trio G-Dur, Hob. XV: 25 "Zigeunertrio"
    Trio C-Dur, Hob. XV: 27
    Trio E-Dur, Hob. XV: 28
    Trio G-Dur, Hob. XV: 41
    Hummel, Johann N. Trio Nr. 5 G-Dur, op. 65
    Trio Es-Dur, op. 96
    Liszt, Franz Rhapsodie Hongroise No. 9 - Le Carnaval de Pest
    Martin, Frank Trio sur des mélodies populaires irlandaises, W20 (1925)
    Martinu, Bohuslav Concertino pour trio avec piano et orchestre à cordes (1933)
    Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix Trio Nr. 1 d-Moll, op. 49
    Trio Nr. 2 c-Moll, op. 66
    Mozart, W.A. Divertimento à 3 in B-Dur, KV 254
    Quartett g-Moll, KV 478
    Quartett Es-Dur, KV 493
    Trio G-Dur KV 496
    Trio B-Dur KV 502
    Trio E-Dur KV 542
    Trio C-Dur KV 548
    Trio G-Dur KV 564
    Munro, Ian Tales from Old Russia (2008)
    Peres, Sascha 7 Präludien mit Prolog und Epilog (2009)
    Piazzolla, Astor Die Vier Jahreszeiten" für Trio bearbeitet von José Bragato
    Pirchner, Werner Heimat?, PWV 29b (1988/1992)
    Heute war gestern morgen…heute ist morgen gestern.
    Wem gehört der Mensch...?, PWV 31 (1988)
    Psathas, John Three Island Songs (1995/1999)
    Rachmaninov, Sergej Trio élégiaque g-Moll
    Trio élégiaque d-Moll, op. 9
    Ravel, Maurice Trio a-Moll (1914)
    Ritchie, Anthony Oppositions for Piano Quartet
    Saint-Saëns, Camille Klaviertrio Nr. 2 e-Moll, op. 92
    Schmidt, Franz Quintet für Klavier, Klarinette, Violine, Viola und Cello A-Dur (1938)
    Schostakowitsch, Dmitri Trio Nr. 1 c-Moll, op. 8
    Trio Nr. 2 e-Moll, op. 67
    Schubert, Franz Adagio Es-Dur "Notturno", op. 148/ D898
    Quintett A-Dur "Die Forelle", op. 114
    Sonatensatz B-Dur Allegro, D 28
    Trio Nr. 1 B-Dur, op. 99/ D 898
    Trio Nr. 2 Es-Dur, op. 100/ D 929
    Schumann, Clara Klaviertrio g-Moll, op. 17
    Schumann, Robert 6 Stücke in kanonischer Form, op.56 (Instrumentation: Theodor Kirchner)
    Fantasiestücke für Klaviertrio, op. 88
    Klavierquartett Es-Dur, op. 47
    Klavierquintett Nr. 1 Es-Dur, op. 44
    Trio Nr. 1 d-Moll, op. 63
    Trio Nr. 2 F-Dur, op. 80
    Trio Nr. 3 g-Moll, op. 110
    Schütt, Eduard Walzer-Märchen, Op. 54
    Takács, Jenö Trio-Rhapsodie, op. 11 (1926)
    Tschaikowski, Piotr llitch Trio a-Moll, op. 50
    Wunder, Gerrit Sequentia Miraculi (2010)
    Zemlinsky, Alexander von Trio d-Moll, op. 3